Ongoing Research

Here are some of our ongoing research projects that give examples of how researchers can run a study on our platform:

Researchers from the Cohen Lab at Stanford University are testing a Values Affirmation intervention in an introductory healthcare course with over 600 students at Colorado Technical University. The intervention is a brief reading and reflective writing activity added at the beginning of the course to help students remember what matters most to them. The intervention is added as a unit in the class for students to go through. This intervention has been shown to benefit students’ psychological well-being and academic performance, especially for minoritized and first-generation college students.

Researchers from the Motivation and Self-Regulation Lab at the National University of Singapore are testing a Strategic Resource Use intervention in a biology course with over 900 students at the University of Central Florida. The intervention is a brief planning exercise that involves reading and writing. The intervention is added as a unit in the class two weeks prior to exams. This intervention is designed to help students be more self-reflective about how they should approach their learning with the resources available to them. It is expected to improve student class performance, especially on exams.

Researchers from Ateneo de Manila University and Pangasinan State University developed materials that teach students how to debug by tracing through a block of code. The materials are designed as PowerPoint slides that will be integrated in a programming course as one part of a unit that is most suitable. It is intended to help students raise programming skills and programming self-efficacy.