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Are you interested in running a study with BIRI? Do you have questions about whether your study idea can be implemented with BIRI? Get in touch with us by filling out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you have general questions, you don’t need to fill out the complete form below. Just leave your name, email, and describe your research goal.

Institution, organization, or research team
Position, job title, or role
You can share your research background, questions, or hypotheses. You can find examples studies under "Resources".
For example, a course with many first-generation college students, or an uneven gender ratio. While we do not have formal enrollment statistics for courses in the past, we can estimate and ask instructors.
For example, a course in Physics or a STEM subject, or a “gateway” course.
We recommend using power calculation to determine sample size. We may not be able to find multiple courses that fit the criteria above.
We developed a start-of-course survey to obtain informed consent and collect standard socio-demographic information. It also measures a number of common psychological constructs. You can find our standard version of the survey instrument under "Resources".
Be as specific as you can be to help us create a draft implementation for review, e.g., what the activity looks like and when it should be seen in a course. It is possible to add multiple conditions and activities in one course.
Example randomizations may be simple randomization, conditional randomization, or crossover randomization. Specify the unit of randomization (usually at student level) you need and any blocked randomization based on survey responses.
We are creating a standardized de-identified individual-level data export that will include all survey responses and student performance outcomes (course completion and grades). We also automatically collect student affect data (inferred from clickstream events). Please let us know if you require any other specific measures. This may include survey items you require later in the course.
We avoid adding multiple interventions in the same course and would tell you if this is the case. We would ensure that randomization is orthogonal.
Add any additional material that would help us support your study, for example, attaching similar studies will also help us better support your study. We recommend pre-registering your study design and hypotheses on